Medical devices


The Lokohelp is fully equipped for using locomotion therapy with the help of dynamic lightening of the patient’s weight. LokoBasic – suspension system for relieving the patient. You can find more informations on the website bellow.


LokoBasic is a suspension device that allows for patient to be hung with various types of musculoskeletal damage in a vertical position using a two-point linkage, thereby relieving body weight. LokoBasic can be supplied with height-adjustable handrails and wheelchair ramp.

For use in locomotor therapy, the LokoBasic must be equipped with a treadmill. Walking simulator.

It enables therapy on treadmills even in severely handicapped patients without the need of manual support of the therapist. Not only the physical stress of the therapist is eliminated, but also the considerable personnel demands. It is also possible to simulate uphill walking on the treadmill, which leads to the desired stretching of the hips and thus to successful locomotion therapy. Simple removal of the treadmill from the belt allows the same multifunctional seating.

Walking simulator

Walking simulator allows active walking to patient. Active knee stretching, hip stretching and active foot pedal along with postural training improve the treatment outcome whenever possible.

This modern electromechanical walking trainer can be a part of the above-mentioned LokoStation or LokoBasic locomotive systems.

The suspension means can be controlled mechanically by rope winches or electrically, the movement of the ropes being carried out by the drive of the Elveta engine.

The patient arrives or is brought under the suspension device, a suspension belt is fastened around the body, which is then fastened to the suspension device using carabiners.

Mechanically or electrically, the patient is lifted / unloaded vertically.

The suspension device can be used to change the patient’s relief and thus the load during exercise.

LokoBasic has been manufactured according to customer demand and has become an affordable system in locomotor therapy.

You can find more informations on the website bellow.

Support belts

Support belt model Venus

  • 6 buckles allowing necessary adjustments, including 4 metal buckles for maximum safety
  • even force transfer through upper and lower body belt
  • quick deployment and removal thanks to click-locks
  • side rings to adjust the patient’s center of gravity and to feel more confident during therapy
  • Padded thigh and shoulder straps for high comfort
  • optimal patient footprint during therapy
  • Suitable for sitting and standing
  • size: S, M, L, XL (oversized),


Support belt model Willi

  • even power transfer thanks to belt for upper and lower body
  • 6 clamps for trouble-free adjustment
  • quick deployment and removal thanks to click-locks
  • Padded thigh and shoulder straps for high comfort
  • low belt weight
  • Suitable for sitting and standing
  • 2 metal side rings to adjust the patient’s center of gravity and make the patient feel more confident during therapy
  • Size: children’s
  • Item No. STG0750.

Lokohelp systems

systems can be used in the following indications:

limited walking ability for reasons

  • paraplegia,
  • stroke,
  • cerebral palsy
  • head injuries,
  • and hip replacement.

Also used to improve:

  • walking speeds,
  • walking symmetry,
  • stride length,
  • cardiovascular function,
  • endurance, mobility,
  • and locomotor therapy clinical trials.

Customers & Users appreciates especially the following basic features in therapeutic systems:

  • easy to use for therapists and patients
  • Minimum commissioning time – no specific setting is required
  • minimum maintenance and service costs
  • high therapeutic effectiveness and noticeable advances
  • unlimited service life of components

Why is our company so unique in locomotion therapy? Why to contact us? We have:

  • reliability, highly professional background and years of experience
  • long-term cooperation with renowned partners
  • high product quality through continuous quality assurance
  • fast traffic
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  • guarantee and immediate delivery of spare parts from stock