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Parabel s.r.o. was established in 1996 as an advisory and consulting company. During development and increasing demand from customers for additional services, our activities began to expand. In the beginning, Parabel was mainly involved in the acquisition and processing of components, metal, plastic, metal and rubber assemblies. The list was then extended to include the production of complete products.

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Our customers come mainly from the fields of engineering, automotive, manufacturing and medical technology.

We make every effort to meet our customers needs and wishes, including the development of new products, technologies and projects. Among other things, our services also include construction and design.

We make your products in highly professional and knowledgeable plants. We will take over the complete execution of the order from demand to delivery to the destination. Our logistics includes all forms of transport, including the handling of transport formalities.

We offer a wide range of products made of materials such as metal, rubber, plastic, plastics and combinations thereof. We are able to provide individual components or complete assemblies of various equipment and machines.
We focus on the markets of all regions in the world.

Our business also includes the development and production of medical products.

In cooperation with German and Swiss partners, we have developed, for example, a walking trainer, as well as other rehabilitation equipment for locomotion therapy.

Our goal is to enable effective and affordable locomotor therapy in clinics, rehabilitation facilities or even in homes. In order to meet our constantly increasing quality requirements, we work actively with selected doctors and therapists in specialized centers in this field.

Our team of experienced, trained, linguistically equipped staff and technicians is ready to do everything is possible to ensure a smooth production process according to your requirements. Maximum coordination, continuous quality control, efficiency of all processes coupled with high reliability – are only a weak list of our qualities.

Company Parabel s.r.o. is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

We reduce emissions and switch to renewable energy sources. The current output of the photovoltaic power plant here: FVE Parabel (solaredge.com).

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