The company Parabel s.r.o. involved in promoting the vaccination of the population. It offered the opportunity to receive an extraordinary incentive allowance for all its employees, who will be vaccinated against Covid and present a certificate of full vaccination. A total of 66.67% of employees received this bonus and all these vaccinated employees have a digital certificate.

The remaining 33.33% of employees were not vaccinated. These are usually medical reasons that prevent employees from being vaccinated. They may have possible health complications after vaccination. Other employees cannot be vaccinated due to previous Covid disease (they are within the protection period of 180 days).

We all have to follow the rules and regulations of the government. The limitation is manifested mainly when our employees travel abroad on business trips. There is a possible risk that the employee will remain in quarantine abroad, or after returning from abroad he will have to go to the mandatory quarantine. For the unvaccinated, this probability is much higher. That is why our personnel department constantly asks non-vaccinated employees about the possibility of vaccinations.

We believe that we will soon achieve full immunization in the company and that the covid situation will not negatively affect the operation of the company.

You can find out more on the website of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry: